An intelligent way to match candidates

INTELLIGENCE - Our core algorithm identifies and ranks the most promising matches between resumes and opportunities. It is used by recruitment companies and talent acquisition teams.

Quickly match candidates from your ATS/CRM using your clients job description. Our models read the natural language in job descriptions and candidate profiles and calculates a prediction of “fit”.

Better results with Deep Learning AI

Free your teams from building long complex “Boolean” searches that rely on keywords and tagging which often produce false positives and miss good candidates.


Searching with a natural language model allows for a detailed measure of fit to be calculated.

Trained on millions of candidate- job pairs and trained with interview decisions our models will predict whether a candidate will be invited to interview.

How to Use our Matching ai

Within our Virtual Recruiter & Hiring Martketplaces - Power your custom-built technology solution with our data science

Through selected partners - Benefit from our models that are fully integrated into our partner platforms

Via API Connection - Allow our models to discover talent in your ATS/CRM