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of hiring

We understand technologists
we understand teams

our AI brings them together

We build AI to match resumes and job descriptions. It uses all the information available to understand technologists, like a technologist. So when you meet you can focus on fit, culture and trust.

Photo of Nick

My experience with untapt was miles ahead of any other recruiting platform out there.


Photo of Garry Wright

You are certainly going above and beyond... refreshingly different from the norm.

Garry Wright

Photo of Dan Spiegel

Senior level searches are [normally] a huge pain... this experience was surprising and refreshing.

Dan Spiegel


I love the simplicity of your platform.



untapt has both a novel and refreshing approach.


Photo of Alan

I'm very satisfied in my new role as a developer... introduced and connected by untapt.


Browse jobs at the world's leading fintech companies.

A revolutionary way to search for work.

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