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We’re not a job board.
We’re not a recruiter.

We are an AI company applying Deep Learning to Tech Hiring.

Like the best recruiters, we understand you and we understand resumes — but we work at job board scale, with pricing that makes sense: $500 per month.

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Artificial Intelligence.

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Why untapt?

When you’re building a great tech team, referrals from your current team are an excellent way to start. But what do you do when you’ve exhausted your team’s connections?

We want to be your second stop — and your last stop. We will own your tech recruitment like a great agency. Our platform attracts both active and passive candidates. Our AI matches you with the candidates best suited for your role. We use video and social media marketing to tell the story of building a career at your company to the widest possible audience.

Find the best candidates with a data-driven, streamlined experience

The science inside the box

The algorithm at the heart of untapt uses Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) — the same technology that’s behind many recent advances in AI such as Siri, Alexa, Google Translate and AlphaGo.

Millions of training decisions, meticulous engineering, real invention, translates to the most accurate matcher of candidates to jobs in the world. So accurate, that you’ll want to interview 4 in every 10 applicants. It learns from every decision, so it keeps getting smarter at predicting the best fit.

“Significant increase in resume flow and interviews. More high quality candidates than any other platforms we’ve used.”

— recruitment manager at a global financial institution

“I found more quality candidates over any other platform or recruiter and at a fraction of the cost.”

— cto at startup

The best site for sourcing IT talent. The resumes I receive are high quality and relevant to the job opening.”

— ceo at hedge fund

“untapt has a unique ability to deliver high quality candidates for hard to fill/unique roles. This has been the best platform that I have utilized in a long time.”

— head of engineering and product recruiting at a leading adtech firm

“untapt has been a valuable resource for our internal sourcing team. They have produced several high quality candidates who have done well in our very difficult interview process, more so than other similar platforms we have tried.”

— recruitment manager at large, data-driven fund

“untapt has been the best resource for us to find candidates”

— vp of engineering, data analytics startup