Can a neural network predict if you’ll get interviewed?

In April I experimented with a neural network that could dream up resumes of imaginary people. I used TensorFlow, the deep learning framework from Google, along with thousands of anonymized CVs. The results were intriguing. It’s time to take this idea one step further.


Suppose we take a large number of candidates that applied to jobs. We put their resumes in two buckets – those that made it to interview, and those that didn’t. We train a neural network on this data. Then we give it a new resume that it’s never seen before. Could it predict whether this new candidate will make it to interview?

The Neural Network

I dusted off deep_orange, the Recurrent Neural Network that I created in the Spring. Rather than looking at the complete resume, I decided to look at each individual bullet-point on a candidate’s resume. Like:

  • Managed a project that moved widgets from A to B
  • Designed new websites that doubled our customers
  • Etc

These bullets typically don’t include specifics like the actual company, just a description of responsibilities. It would be fascinating if deep_orange could make a reasonable prediction based only on a bullet-point of text.

We actually have 140,000 bullet-points like this in untapt. I fed this data into deep_orange and left it running on my MacBook Pro overnight. The fan was still whistling loudly the next morning.


When it finally completed a few hours later, deep_orange was ready to do some predicting. It assumes each bullet-point is taken from a job application for a software developer role in FinTech, which is a typical scenario for the untapt platform.

Let’s start with something extreme:

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 9.51.32 PM

Fair enough! Now for something more relevant:

Neural Network response

Seems reasonable. Next I tried a really substantive bullet-point:

Neural Network response

That’s a strong opinion! But deep_orange has some views on technology:

Neural Network response

When we tested deep_orange on about 1,000 bullet-points that it hadn’t seen before, it predicted the correct outcome 87% of the time.

What’s next

We’ll be exploring whether we could incorporate deep learning techniques like deep_orange into untapt to increase our accuracy. We’re also considering whether these techniques could provide instant feedback while a candidate writes their resume.

This has potential to be a powerful addition to our algorithm.

Stay tuned – there’s lots more to come.

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Ed is co-founder and CEO of untapt. A FinTech veteran and an Oxford alum, Ed was previously MD at JPMorgan and has held technology positions at IBM and various startups. Coder by day, Ed leads a double life as DJ after work. And if you happen to run into him, ask him how much he loves Seamless (hint: a lot).