Hiring Marketplaces by untapt

A hiring marketplace brings recruitment to life

A hiring marketplace brings recruitment to life

LifeCycle recruitment for clients and members

UNLOCKED is the complete white label technology for running your hiring marketplace

A vibrant platform, powered by our AI matching, connecting your clients with the right candidates. Trusted by the world’s best;

  • Digital Recruitment Businesses

  • Niche Job Boards

  • Internal Mobility for Corporations

  • Startups


Transform the candidate experience, create new revenue streams and unlock the potential in your data.

Hiring MarketPlaces are increasing in popularity

  • Quality Over Quantity: Personalized, accurate matches for candidates & only surfacing relevant candidates for hiring managers

  • Candidate Experience: Consistently present candidates with relevant opportunities they can explore, on a platform that learns from their choices

  • Value Your Network: Enable clients to shortlist the best candidates from your network (identity withheld)

  • Build a Community: Grow lasting relationships with candidates whether they are passive or active and align with GDPR principles with activated memberships

  • Understand Your Network: Collect data across the lifecycle of the recruitment process

  • New Engagements: Operate a subscription model; service clients who won’t use contingent recruitment services

  • Free up Resource: A tech enabled business allows your team to focus on the human touch