Replace the menial with meaningful

Free your teams from searching and performing menial tasks. Virtual recruiter continuously analyzes your CRM/ATS to suggest your next best course of action for clients and candidates.

As your team introduce candidates, gather interview feedback, open new reqs, Virtual Recruiter is triggered, presenting you with the best matching candidates, the most likely to move candidates, or the next position to show candidates.


What can VR do for you?

  • Cleanse & Tag profile data in your CRM/ATS

  • Recommend candidates for jobs

  • Find similar candidates

  • React to events such as interview requests or decisions

  • Evaluate talent pools and provide deep analytics

  • Predict the ROI of a requisition

  • Communicate and engage with candidates

How it works:

  • A customized interface that sits on top of your CRM.

  • You define the logic

  • VR scans for the trigger events you define

  • VR delivers next actions to your feed


Tell us how you want to transform your approach to recruitment and we will make it happen.

How It works


Customised solution

You control what your VR does and how it operates. We have a specialized framework that allows us to quickly develop and deploy solutions exactly to your vision.

We have out the box intelligence for you to start with. However, our data scientists can discover new insights from your talent data to train your assistant.

They produce bespoke models to help you understand talent at scale.

Examples include:

  • Know how and when to engage with candidates

  • Identify future leaders and flight risk

  • Analyze pipeline quality to improve job descriptions & marketing

  • ROI predictions of each requisition

  • Skills assessment of your workforce

A sample of some of our builds -  find a clickable demo here

A sample of some of our builds - find a clickable demo here