The Team
untapt is passion first – our team of entrepreneurs and engineers are obsessed with creating a phenomenal tech hiring experience.
  • Ed Donner
    Co-Founder and CEO
    MD at JPMorgan
    IBM and FinTech startup
  • Max Kantelia
    Co-Founder and Strategic Advisor
    Global FinTech Entrepreneur and Leadership Search Specialist to Financial Institutions
  • Sam Kenny
    Senior Technologist
    CTO at C12 Capital Management
    Barclays Capital, JPMorgan
  • Jon Krohn
    Chief Data Scientist
    Oxford Neuroscience PhD
    Data Scientist with Omnicom
  • Alyssa Maywalall
    Manager of Customer Success
    Recruitment at Mason Frank International
    Product Specialist at Creative Channel Services
  • Amy McCooey
    Director of Business Development
    Sales Goldman Sachs
    Angel Investor / Advisor
  • Gareth Moody
    Head of Sales at CMA
    CME, S&P, ICAP
  • Oboe
    Chief Happiness Officer
    Andrea Arden Puppy School
    Potty Trained
  • Andrew Vlahutin
    Data Engineer
    Director of Technology at Cornerstone Capital
    VP at JP Morgan
  • Jake Zerrer
    Product Manager & Engineer
    New York University
  • You!
    Your Dream Job
untapt is in good hands with our supporting team of domain experts.
  • Jen Boo
    Business Development
  • Chuck Jordan
  • Rob Odell
    General Counsel
We owe much of our success to our brilliant advisors – an eclectic group of luminaries from around the world.
  • Bronwen Bastone
    Advisory Network
    Chief Human Resources Officer
    at Knight Capital Group
  • Andy Brown
    CEO and Co-Founder
    Sand Hill East
    Group CTO UBS, Head of Strategy,
    Architecture and Optimization at BAML
  • Mark Hemsley
    BATS Chi-X Europe
    MD LIFFE Market Solutions
    MD of Global Tech at Deutsche Bank
  • Larry Klane
    Pivot Investment Partners
    CEO Korea Exchange Bank, Head of Global Financial Services at Capital One
  • Geoff Massam
    Co-founder untapt
    CIO Capital Markets, Deutsche Bank
  • Tony McCarthy
    Advisor and
    Group CIO Deutsche Bank
    MD at Morgan Stanley
  • Aron Miodownik
    Advisory Network
    MD at Cambrian Consulting
    Founder, Cambrian Associates
  • Kit Wong
    Director, Sales Strategy and Operations APAC, Google
    Corporate Strategy at ANZ, McKinsey, Wharton MBA
Board of Directors