Aaron Tian

untapt CEO Ed Donner Visits FutureTech Podcast to Discuss the Impact of AI in HR.

Recently, untapt Co-Founder and CEO Ed Donner had the pleasure of chatting with Almost Here: Round-the-Corner Future Technology, part of the renowned FutureTech Podcast team. Hosted by Tracy Merda, the two discussed everything from the budding field of AI in HR to what we specifically do as a company and the challenges we tackle for our clients.

Almost Here is a program that specializes in the most exciting emerging technology trends, frequently bringing in leaders from fields like AI, cryptocurrency, 3D printing, VR/AR and more. Part of the FutureTech team, their past guests include big names like Dr. Lisa Amini of IBM Watson, author Jonah Sachs, Co-Founder of Kasisto Dror Oren, and more. “Industry leaders can all agree, it’s no secret finding solid applicants is a particularly grueling task in this competitive space,” said Tracy. “untapt is changing the way we hire and search for jobs.”

We were honored for Tracy and the team to feature untapt’s story and unique approach to artificial intelligence and recruitment. “We’re true believers in the progress we’re making in the field of hiring for our clients and users, so to have teams like FutureTech take notice in us is great to see,” said Ed after the show. “Tracy was a sharp and very knowledgeable host, the conversation was a real pleasure.”

Check out some of the most compelling snippets of the conversation below, or listen to the show in its entirety on the FutureTech site here.

“I started out as a coder, became a manager, and ended up running a division of over 300 developers… But what would make or break my year, ever year, was whether I could hire the right people.” – Ed

“Companies like Google get 2 million applications every year. Typical tech candidates get calls every single day trying to pitch them different roles that often they’re not interested in. So there’s tons of frustration and confusion in the hiring space.” – Ed

“Recently you had Dr. Lisa Amini from IBM Watson talking about the way Deep Learning solves real industry problems. This is another example: Can you bring Deep Learning algorithms to solve a real problem, like hiring? That was the a-ha moment when I decided to quit my job and start untapt.” – Ed

“There’s a horrific stat that says 13% are happy and engaged at their jobs. Just 13%… The ultimate goal of untapt is to turn that on its head, so 90% to 100% of people are inspired and engaged at their work.” – Ed

“Our model can looks at a candidate’s resume and a job description, look at the natural language of these two pieces, and decide whether there’s a good fit for them to start a conversation.” – Ed

“untapt intelligence is about taking our AI models and using them within enterprises, to help resolve the hardest questions: Are we hiring the right kinds of people, ones who will work hard and be happy? Are we moving them to the right positions where they’ll be challenged and pushed to the best of their abilities? Will we help increase retention?” – Ed

“We’re building models that look at specific attributes that make people successful at your company. We’re building employee satisfaction models that tell us what it takes to be happy at your company. We want to take this into the world of retention, helping companies understand how to keep the best talent, identifying future leaders.” – Ed

If you’re interested in booking Ed to speak on your program or event, be sure to reach out to us at info@untapt.com. Or visit our site for help in hiring, job-hunting or building your own job board with our AI technology.