Aaron Tian

Recapping untapt’s Lesson at the NYC Data Science Academy

The untapt team recently had the pleasure of meeting with some of New York’s finest students at the NYC Data Science Academy. We were so grateful for the opportunity to meet with the next generation of data pioneers, and are appreciative of their warm welcome and thoughtful engagement.

Led by Chief Data Scientist Jon Krohn, we walked the audience through the concept of untapt and how we use Deep Learning to make informed matches between open jobs and prospective applicants. For those interested, the slides from the lesson can be found on Jon’s website here. “The students had a ton of intelligent questions about our algorithm, minimizing bias, and other key issues in the HR tech space,” Jon noted. “They were super sharp, it was really fun.”


Later on, Account Liaisons Lana Tayara and Alex Henley did a product demonstration and Senior Technologist Sam Kenny walked the students through his “Four Questions” that every resume should answer. “You can tell the program is really strong and the students were with us every step of the way,” Lana said. “I think their studies in Data Science relate directly to the work we do here at untapt.”
If you would like to schedule a lecture from our world-class team, be sure to shoot an email to aaron@untapt.com! For more educational material on data and deep learning, check out Jon’s website and keep an eye out for his forthcoming book. Finally, be sure to check out the NYC Data Science Academy’s site here, and find your next dream tech or data science role on untapt today.