Machine Intelligence and Hiring

I gave a flash talk on Machine Intelligence and Hiring at DisruptHR in New York. The video is below.

The take-away – Machine Intelligence will disrupt hiring

AI is replacing ‘keyword search’ in recruitment with something much more powerful and intuitive. The same kind of AI that can drive cars and win at go — will soon be able to recommend your next role and suggest changes to your resume.

I predict the world of hiring will be transformed within three years.

My talk draws on a seminal blog post by Stanford instructor Andrej Karpathy.

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Ed is co-founder and CEO of untapt. A FinTech veteran and an Oxford alum, Ed was previously MD at JPMorgan and has held technology positions at IBM and various startups. Coder by day, Ed leads a double life as DJ after work. And if you happen to run into him, ask him how much he loves Seamless (hint: a lot).