Spend your weekend applying to these amazing companies

If you are staring at the watch all day Friday just biding time until you can finally walk out the door, you should consider spending a few minutes this weekend on checking out a new opportunity. But how do you find companies that are really worth investing yourself in? We have a few we thought you should know about.

Risk Focus

Risk Focus delivers trading, risk and cloud-enabling solutions to the global capital markets. Established in 2004, the company now employs about 50 people, all of whom are highly technical with a passion for learning.  Their clients are some of the biggest financial organizations in the world, which allows Risk Focus to create enterprise-scale global software solutions without the enterprise-level bureaucracy. The Risk Focus team is chock full of experts in risk management solutions, but they focus on the technology side.  After ten years of strong success, the organization is now growing rapidly and is looking for independent thinkers to add to the team.

What makes them stand out?

Brian, the CEO, is personable and passionate and has created a team packed with thought leaders in the industry. With locations in New York and London and the financial world’s top organizations as clients, you will gain broad exposure to technology challenges. They are serious about attracting the best talent and offer relocation packages, transfer visas and sponsor green cards to ensure they can get the attract and retain the best global talent.

Risk Focus currently has 3 listings on untapt.


Addepar reduces the complexity of reporting on investment portfolios. Their mission is to create a transparent financial system, and their inclusion on the Forbes’ first “FinTech 50” list suggests that they are making an impact on the industry. Addepar manages $300 billion in assets on its platform and recently opened a new office in Chicago after expanding its New York office.

What makes them stand out?

The company is reimagining technology in one of the world’s largest industries, so the projects you work will have a real-world impact. The Manhattan office also has all the perks you would expect in a Silicon Valley startup; a pet-friendly office, paid gym memberships and free lunches.

Addepar currently has 3 listings on untapt.


PeerIQ is taking on the peer-to-peer lending industry and creating better risk management solutions. Their platform provides financial analytics and management software and is one of the first institutional-grade analytics platforms for peer-to-peer lending.

What makes them stand out?

The number of people that peer-to-peer lending impacts by opening up economic opportunity is incredible; you would be helping increase the world’s access to capital. PeerIQ also has a very collaborative environment where they encourage continued education and training. The team is small and tight-knit, working together and often attending team events. At PeerIQ your culture fit is going to be very important and you will have an opportunity to innovate and impact the company.

PeerIQ currently has 3 listings on untapt.

Digital Asset

You may have seen Digital Asset all over the FinTech news sphere recently. They are one of the founding members of the Hyperledger Project and they are working with The Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation on a distributed ledger based system. The Digital Asset team is on the cutting edge of FinTech blockchain technologies as they design and build the APIs that connect data structures to the financial domain.

What makes them stand out?

Besides the fact that they are creating the technologies we will all be using, you get to work with blockchain and cryptography, and that just sounds amazing. The team is small, which means you get to make an impact on the organization, they have a startup culture, and they are located in Chelsea, so you even get to be in a great part of town.

Digital Asset currently has 2 positions listed on untapt.

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I'm a writer who loves to build. My preferred language is Python, but in the real world I deal mostly in html and css.

I'm a writer who loves to build. My preferred language is Python, but in the real world I deal mostly in html and css.