Yes, the FinTech industry is growing at an enormous rate

FinTech this, FinTech that.  You’re hearing a lot about the FinTech industry, but that’s because it’s truly increasing at an enormous rate around the world.

Why? There are a lot of reasons, not the least of which is a dissatisfaction with a traditional financial services industry that brings with it significant regulations, high fee structures for customers, and lack of internal innovations.

For a long time, all of this seemed unavoidable, with the big banks usually being the only available option to customers, who begrudgingly searched for competing banks with the fewest annoyances.

But a new breed of tech companies is proving that mentality wrong, and we’re now in the midst of a rapidly growing wave of potential disruptors and innovators looking to change the space.

Not convinced it’s a big thing yet? Here are a few stats to change your mind.

We’re biased here at untapt, but all of this is really good thing. The solutions to this long-standing dissatisfaction are why we’re here.


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